Graudupes Collection: The Best of the Best! Pass by and try yourself!

Graudupes Collection: The Best of the Best! Pass by and try yourself!

Nothing can compare to inhaling the aroma of the tea blend that seduced you! Or browsing through various flavours of coffee beans until you find the one to call yours!  This and more you will experience when visiting our gourmet shop in the heart of Saldus - right next to the famous statues from Rozentāls painting!

Amaze yourself with an explosion of aromas! 

Grant yourself the wonderful opportunity to inhale all the enchanting aromas from all of our tea blends. Start with green tea blends, cleanse your palette with classic green tea aromas, then move to rooibos and black tea blends. Cleanse your pallet once more with classic black teas and continue your journey through fruit&berries tea blends. 

If you are more of a coffee lover ,we got you covered! 6 captivating aromas to choose from - starting with more classical Hazelnut infused coffee and moving up till dessert in a cup (as many of you call it) - Strawberry Cheesecake coffee beans! 

Love coffee but love to stick with classics? No worries! Come in and choose which country you wanna taste - Kenia or Ecuador!

Something for the sweet tooth! 

Here, in Graudupes shop, we have a collection of the sweetest honey you could ever find!  How do we know this? Because Saldus city is a "Honeydrop in Kurland". Our honey is collected in Saldus municipality to ensure the best quality. Proudly we offer innovation - honey and berries mix with 70% honey and 30% of various berries. And for the ones who wish to boost their immunity, come in for a jar of bee pollen or bee bread.


Personalised gift experience! 

Woke up and remembered your colleague's birthday is today? Don't panic! In Graudupes shop you will find ready-to-go gift sets for all occasions! We have arranged the best of our product and prepared gift sets that will warm up anyone!
But for those who plan in advance, we offer the opportunity to arrange a gift set yourself. Whatever you see on the shelf, can be mixed and matched with other goodies for a unique gift for a true tea lover or beginner coffee drinker.

We are collaborating with other businesses in Saldus and offering truly unique handmade items. Visit us and explore yourself!


So what are you waiting for! Pass by Saldus and pop in to say hi!  Graudupes gourmet shop is located in the Saldus city center - Lielā iela 1. Yes, that pink house next to the white church! That's us! 

We are open:

Monday to Friday 9:00 - 17:00

Saturday 9:00 - 14:00 (if not participating in market in other city)


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